Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Sacred Heart gets ready to focus on three new social skills in Term 2!

We are  looking forward to commencing another term of social skills learning here at Sacred Heart. This term will see us focusing on three new whole-school social skills.

These being:
  • Moving quietly around the school
  • Asking for help
  • Being supportive - no ‘put downs’.

Throughout the term, we look forward to sharing some of the classroom activities that we will undertake to support our students' learning of these three social skills. Watch this space!

Being Organised in Year 2

The Year Two class have been busy learning the new whole-school social skill – Being Organised. We have ensured that we have our equipment ready at the beginning of each day and for each lesson and have been responsible for keeping our learning space free of clutter and very tidy. We are getting much better at keeping our lockers tidy and mess free as well.

We discussed what Being Organised looks like, sounds like and feels like and created a Y Chart together.


“It means to keep things tidy so that places stay safe for people” – Anthony
“It means everything is tidy and you know where everything is” – Sophia
“Putting my clothes on my bed to get ready for school quickly” – Denzel
“You can be proud of yourself when you are organised, being ready before an event” – Faith
“It’s easy to find things if you are organised and it looks neat” – Chiara

Mrs Laura Taylor  (Year 2 Teacher)

Showing Respect in Year 5

 The Year 5 class have been busy learning about the Showing Respect whole-school social skill. As part of their learning, the Year 5 class used the Padlet App to work collaboratively to create a page about what being respectful looks like, sounds like and means to them. We are sure that you will agree that they did a wonderful job at recording their ideas. Thanks Year 5 students for sharing with the rest of the Sacred Heart community your learning. Well done!

Mrs Amanda Saraceni and Mrs Sonia Caielli (Year 5 Teachers)

Active Listening in Year 1

As part of the whole school social skills initiative, we have been learning about and practicing Active Listening. The children are learning that we use our whole bodies to listen effectively. They have participated in discussions and activities that highlight the importance of listening to others. Together we created a ‘Y’ chart that displays what it looks, feels and sounds like to be an 'Active Listener'. In Year 1, we call them our magic words because the effect that the words 'Active Listening' have are truly amazing!

Mrs Emma McHardie (Year 1 Teacher)

Social Skills Learning continues at Sacred Heart in 2016....

With the success of our whole-school social skills program in 2015, the Sacred Heart staff are committed to ensuring that our students are supported in the acquirement of social skills again in 2016.

This year we have committed to the teaching and reinforcement of 3 focus social skills per term across the school. In Term 1, the school's focus social skills were:

  • Active Listening
  • Showing Respect and;
  • Being Organised

We recognise the importance of parent involvement and the wider community when it comes to reinforcing social skills introduced and taught at school. We continue to encourage parent support and participation by keeping parents informed of the social skills that we teach via our newsletter and class blogs, and by offering suggestions on how to reinforce the focus social skills at home,

We look forward to sharing our journey with you, as we continue to post about our social skills learning to this blog this year. We welcome any feedback or comments regarding this blog. These can be emailed to: perlini.carolyn@cathednet.wa.edu.au

Carolyn Perlini
Assistant Principal